Science Confirms Our Brains Can Change

Our brains are malleable

Our brains are malleable

If you’ve found yourself in a rut and having one of those days, months, or years for some of us – we have good news. Science has confirmed our brain’s are malleable, meaning we literally have the ability to change our own minds. We don’t mean revising your order from onion rings to fries, we’re talking about changing the physical composition of that 3 lbs squishy blob inside your skull in a way that can make you happier.

Evan Thomson, a researcher from University of British Columbia, said that their recent research in neuroplasticity supports what Buddhists have known for a long time, that the mind can be changed by training it.

So if you’ve gotten into a habit of being negative, are anxious, or have certain fears, whatever it might be – by shifting your mindset you can change the way you think and become the person you want to be.